Privacy Policy
Last updated: 05/12/2020

Thank you for choosing to use Reconcile. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to your personal information, please contact me at oleary.gabe@gmail.com.

What is covered

This policy covers the data Reconcile ("we") collect about you ("user"), and how we use it.

What is not covered

This policy does not cover what third party services we use do with your data. In the interest of transparency we are listing all 3rd party services and linking to their respective privacy policies. Please click through and read them if you are concerned about their practices.

  • Stripe - collect billing information & process subscription payments.
  • Plaid - connect to your bank/credit card issuer and obtain transaction information.
  • Sentry - error tracking to help us build a better project.
  • Firebase - Cloud services provider to store encrypted data in a way that makes it accessible using your account from any device.
  • Google Analytics - user analytics to help improve the product.
Information we store about you
Provided by you
  • Email address - Provided at signup either directly or through usage of a third party account (Google, Facebook etc.)
  • Billing information - If you subscribe to our service you may provide billing details. These are never directly accessed by us, they are used securely by Stripe as listed above.
Collected using 3rd party services
  • Transactions - these are obtained by using Plaid as listed above. We do not at any point have access to your personal credentials. We have read only access to your transactions and you may terminate this access at any time and delete all data.
  • Billing information - if you subscribe to our service you may provide billing details. These are never directly accessed by us, they are use securely by Stripe as listed above.
  • Usage information - in order to make decisions about the product we collect information about your usage such as page views, & actions. There is no personally identifiable information attached.
How do we use your data?

We collect the data listed above in order to operate our product and provide the functionality listed on our landing page.

  • Enable you to create expenses on Splitwise and/or Venmo.
  • Watch for finalized transactions after you have created an expense from a pending transaction.
  • Watch for recurring transactions after you have indicate you would like an action performed on this type of transaction.
  • Notify you of new transactions.

We will never share your personal infomation with anyone outside of the relationships listed above which are necessary to provide the functionality of our product. We will not serve ads on our product.

Data retention

We will retain your data as long as you have an account with us or until you indicate you'd like your data deleted. You may do this through that app or by contacting me. At that time we will delete all of your personal data on our platform and terminate access to your financial accounts.

Updates to this policy

For any major changes to this policy we will make sure to reach out to any existing users by email to ensure they understand the changes.

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